Tammie R. Hildreth

Web: www.TammieHildreth.com

Email: TamArtIndy@gmail.com

Address: Indianapolis IN, 46202



If you consider a two-set Venn diagram containing elements from the natural sciences and painting, my work resides at their intersection.  My current series explores disruptive and adaptive coloration found in the animal kingdom.  I’m fascinated by the shapes and complex patterns of adaptive coloration and have been creating abstractions based on “eyespots” found on insects.  Employing images from macrophotography and a vibrant palette to capture subtle color variations, I’m creating abstraction sourced from nature. 

By acutely focusing on my subjects and delving into their visual complexity, I engage the viewer and entice them to look more closely, more intimately, and question what they see.  My work is an invitation to explore the natural world, understand its dynamism and fragility and grasp both our dependence upon it and our inextricable place within it.